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Campaign issues 2004 - Budget and Economy

Of these two and with the information presented, which candidate best represents your view on this i

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Jul 21, 2004
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Budget & Economy

• Cut the deficit in half in the next 5 years. (Jan 20)
• Fact Check: Deficit didn't exist at end of Clinton term. (Jan 20)
• Investment and aid to states will help economy rebound. (Aug 2003)
• Provides assistance to new small businesses. (Aug 2003)
• Reframed Clinton from economic prosperity to moral failing. (Jun 2003)
• Restore consumer confidence with tax cuts & new oil supplies. (Mar 2001)
• Proposes to shrink federal budget to 16% of GDP. (Mar 2001)
• Cut national debt by $2T in 10 years; leave $1.2T in debt. (Feb 2001)
• Too much government spending will end prosperity. (Nov 2000)
• Despite prosperity, “It’s time for a change” in Washington. (Oct 2000)
• Prosperity results from entrepreneurship & ingenuity. (Oct 2000)
• Private sector responsible for economic boom. (Aug 2000)
• Make budget biennial; reinstate line-item veto; target pork. (Jun 2000)
• $46B in new spending on health, education, & defense. (Apr 2000)
• New Prosperity Initiative: remove obstacles to advancement. (Apr 2000)
• Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (Apr 1999)

• Economy is recovering for corporations to some degree. (Jan 11)
• Will follow Clinton's plan to halve deficit in four years. (Oct 2003)
• Bush policy kept economy afloat in recession-keep some of it. (Sep 2003)
• No excuse for special tax cuts for the rich. (Jun 2003)
• Voted NO on prioritizing national debt reduction below tax cuts. (Apr 2000)
• Voted NO on 1998 GOP budget. (May 1997)
• Voted NO on Balanced-budget constitutional amendment. (Mar 1997)

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