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Calypso Louie says, "whites" blew up levee (1 Viewer)

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Yep, ..nothing like another pin headed moron preaching to his NOI black choir;& the unconverted ones,.... the irrepressible Louis phoney Farakkan.

Yet, ...no moral outrage from the mass media, but the white liberals do not mind airing time for those that want to grace the mayor of New Orleans with having no culpability whatsoever in not using the 1,000 + school buses, & other transportation buses to help evacuate HIS own citizens days before the hurricane devasted New Orleans!

Farakkan SHOULD be arrested, & charged for attempting to foment riot, & racial violence by his unproveable, irresponsible comments, ..& especially in the aftermath of such a natural disaster!
There's no moral or media outrag, because this was handled properly...
ingored as insignificant as it is.

I haven't heard about it except for this post.
i'm loving the title of the thread

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