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California is first state to put passive smoke on toxic list


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Sep 25, 2005
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Please don't move this to the Environment section. Barely anyone reads that forum, and I want people to understand the effects of smoking in front of children and women.

I think this is fantastic! I know the cigarette makers are not going to be happy, but tough. So this week, California became the first state to declare secondhand smoke a toxic air pollutant. Horay!!!

For women, the study done here showed that "young women exposed to secondhand smoke increased their risk of developing breast cancer by 68 percent to 120 percent."

That is truly shocking!

"The report also linked drifting smoke to premature births, asthma, heart disease, other cancers and health problems in children."

Isn't it great when parents smoke in front of their kids? I especially love a parent who drives in a car with a child with all the windows rolled up. They should be charged with child abuse. Seriously.

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