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California family says hacked Nest camera warned of North Korea missile attack

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Mar 7, 2018
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From CBS News

California family says hacked Nest camera warned of North Korea missile attack

A family in California is demanding tech companies take stronger action to protect consumers after their home security system was apparently hijacked. Laura Lyons said hackers took control of her Nest security camera, and it began blasting an emergency alert through her family's home. A voice said three missiles from North Korea were headed to the U.S. and warned them to take shelter, Lyons said.

"If we had any inkling that a data breach had occurred when we heard it coming out of that camera, we would have instantly been suspect as opposed to several minutes of, quite frankly, sheer terror," Lyons said.

The hoax sent Lyons, her husband, and their 8-year-old son into a panic, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

"We called Nest," Lyons said. "They admitted that they had received multiple reports of Nest cameras being hacked in the last week."


I really hope that the jerks who did this have a very convincing story to tell their mothers in order to explain the stains on the front of their underwear that happened while they were pulling this one off.

PS - Look for a whole lot more of these "inspired" pranks - continuing up until (and beyond) the point where some panic-stricken person kills their family and themselves to "spare them from the radiation/invaders/disease/comment/whatever". At that point someone will take the matter seriously and declare that it is all the responsibility of everyone but themselves. When the dolts who actually did the hacking are discovered, they will be described as "quite, nice, boys who never caused any trouble" and defended as "victims of society". The dead will be forgotten.

PPS - Of course the only logical thing to do in this situation is to sue "Nest" because "Nest" probably has a whole lot more money than the jerks who did the actual damage and everyone knows that that is why courts exist.
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