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But We Didn't Use It!!


Jan 8, 2013
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East Tennessee
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Bill Oh Really opened his program doing a five minute tirade about all the networks erroneously reporting that the gunman in the ship yard used an AR-15 assault rifle. What he did was the same as a bare faced lie. Amidst TV clips of liberal politicians stating their opinions about the wide spread use of the AR-15 in several recent mass killings plus the front page cover of the NY Post he came up with his 1 or 2 second, sneaky, sleazy half truth. He said, "Fox Also Reported This But We Didn't Use It!"

A man with one eye and half sense knows what the NRA and Conservative game includes. After every one of these shootings they "Lay Low" for a while till the smoke clears then they start harping on how bad the government is for not providing mental health assistance for these nuts. I've never heard a one of them mention the possibility that the nation needs tighter gun controls even though in the hearts and minds they know it's the truth. The Right Wing supports cutting spending for humane causes and in their agenda they wouldn't give a damn if mental patients ended up homeless sleeping under cardboard. They've never heard of a tax cut they didn't like. When Reagan was president they cut their aid to the states so bad that many hospitals had to stop aid for the mentally deficient and in some cases turn them out completely.

What amazes me the most is that the 30% of this country who are of the Right Wing persuasion keep on watching and gulping down that bunch of lies and half truths.
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