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Bush Wins!!!! (1 Viewer)

I just wached his consession speech.

Not a bad speech, but I am still very glad that he is not our next president.
It still seems that the Left believe that they are the true America and that for some reason the Right keeps getting in the way of the real America. He still painted America as a victim that needs to be protected by the Dems. :confused:
I didn't get that out of his speech.

He did not say that the democrat position is the ONLY position, but that it is the best for the country. He also said that America would have been better off with them and to keep 'fighting'.

Where the opposite to have happened, we could only expect Bush to say that the right position is the best position as well. (which I personally believe)
I just hope I don't get drafted. It's funny, people say "oh how is kerry going to pay for all those "plans" of his?" Well I wonder how Bush is going to take down the "Axis of Evil" with the low recruitment we have now. Oh wait, I believe that's what a draft is for. Oh and the whole Bush Administration increasing the draft to cover up to age 34, up from originally 25, and added woman. Why would you change draft legislation unless you planned to use it?
Do you know why you are even talking about a draft? It's because the Dem's lied to you and said Bush was talking about doing that. You do realize that the bill that was in Congress had only Democrat sponsors.

The US Census says that there are 1.4 million folks in the military full-time. This doesn't include the reserves who can be called up. If Bush was to need more troops he could simply reassign troops from other areas of the world. If he wanted new recruits he could simply lower some of the rather high standards that are in place in rerouting right now.

But perhaps you could help me to understand why you think that the Iraq situation is so out of control that it will require an effort that is so extreme that it would require a draft? I mean this is a war and as wars come the effort and the losses have been relatively low.
I have to agree with MSR on this. We truly need to look at the standards for our military. I do not beleive in lowering the standards, but I do beleive that some standards need to be revamped.

As for the war in Iraq being out of hand, I would like to say that I don't think we, as civilians have a clear picture one way or the other of how it's really going over there. I do know, from what I'm hearing from deplyed friends and family, is that it is more violent than we would like to think, but on the other hand, I' m constantly hearing about how lives are being improved over there.

The benefits seem to outweigh the costs.

Oh, and on a side note:
I'm thinking we need to move this part of the topic.

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