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Bush says US won't attack IRAN


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May 19, 2004
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Source: SFGATE

President Bush said Friday the United States does not intend to attack Iran to crush its suspected nuclear weapons project but added that "you never want a president to say never." He expressed hopes that a European diplomatic initiative would persuade Tehran to abandon any such program.

In interviews with European journalists at the White House, Bush was asked about an opinion poll showing that 70 percent of Germans believe the United States is planning military action against Iran.

"I hear all these rumors about military attacks, and it's just not the truth," said Bush, who leaves Sunday for Europe to mend fences with allies. "We want diplomacy to work."

The president sat down for a series of broadcast interviews with correspondents from Russia, France, Belgium, Slovakia and Germany in connection with a five-day trip to Europe. There were repeated questions about whether the United States would attack Iran.

"Listen, first of all, you never want a president to say 'never.' But military action is certainly not _ it's never the president's first choice. Diplomacy is always the president's first _ at least my first choice."
Well, there certainly wasn't much 'diplomacy' involved with Iraq. So I can't take Bush's words at face value.
I think we should let Israel knock out the sites with air strikes like they did Iraq in 1981. Then veto the U.N. condemnation of it. Problem solved.
anomaly said:
Well, there certainly wasn't much 'diplomacy' involved with Iraq. So I can't take Bush's words at face value.

Only a decade plus.
We can not I repeat can not let them get nuclear technology, especially now that thay are ailed with Syria. I thank with Iran and north Korea what we should do is use our snipers, take out a few of their top officials, and at the same time target all of their nuclear facilities and drop Daisey cutters on them. With north Korea we should also target all their military bases and take out as much of their personail and equipment as possible. If we where to to execute this all at the same time the countryes would be in so much chaos that thay wouldn't be able to retaliate, and them Daisey cutters would make them thank twice about doing so. Its getting to the point where we have to take action especially with North Korea thay don't even want to talk to us and from the way it sounds Iran is of the same mind set.
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