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Bush Plan For The Border(Ilegally Immigrants)


Oct 27, 2005
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South Carolina
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On November 28, 2005, President Bush made a plan to crack down on those who enter the country illegally but also give out more visas to foreigners with jobs. The plan concedes of providing border agents with cutting-edge technology like overhead surveillance drones and infrared cameras, while at the same time constructing simple physical barriers to entry. And in 2006 he plans on adding 1,000 additional Border Patrol agents. The immigrants would receive a 6 years U.S. work visas. After that, they must leave the U.S. or be in the pipeline for a green card, which indicates lawful permanent residency.

Sources: -The Sun News-

Now allowing "work visas" to be hand out to illegally foreigners is taking jobs away, neither from the average American nor the above-average American. But from the country budget and GOP. The jobs that the "Illegally" or just "Foreigners" take could go to the people that are "Unemployed American Citizens," that are down on there luck and get them back in the working field, so that they become independent of the government and more dependent on themselves and family. Because right now people are taking advantage of "Unemployment System," if we kick out the illegally foreigners that are taking jobs from "American Citizens" and put people to work. We could get America up and going again as we once was were.

Border Control thing is a great thing! But now what were they talking about constructing simple physical barriers. What kind of barrier would it be(Ditch, Electric fence, Chain-link fence, Cement wall, etc.)? And dose any one know when it would be done?
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