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Bush on national TV AGAIN offering advice to Americans paying $3.00+ for Gasoline!


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Sep 1, 2005
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Once again on national TV Bush offers advice and help to Americans that are now choosing between buying gasoline and eating:

Bush offered basicly the same advice as he did a few weeks ago:
Americans need to CONSERVE fuel!

But added a twist to it by telling us HOW to conserve fuel:
Americans need to CAR POOL!!!:doh

Once again Bush offers NOTHING to help with the record breaking high gasoline prices.:violin:
I guess with winter comming he will be offering his advice to Americans on how to cope with the high home fuel costs.

If his advice on how to cope with the high home heating oil is basicly the same as his advice on conserving gasoline then I would expect his speech to incude this:

My fellow Americans (I will not do this) but I want to offer you this advice about coping with the high costs of home fuel oil:

1- Eat less so that you will have enough money to pay for your home fuel.
(enter Bushs dry humor) After all you won't even need to eat if you freeze to death! (enter Cons applauding):clap:

2- Just like I asked you to car pool now I will ask you to HOUSE POOL!
Yes HOUSE POOL! Now what I mean by this is that your whole neighborhood should move into ONE HOUSE to conserve home heating oil! (once again enter Cons applauding) :clap:

3- Because I am the President and RICH I will still use my Hummers on my ranch and make sure MY home fuel oil tanks are FULL so that when that 1 in a million shot comes that we need heat here in Texas I will NOT freeze.

BTW: To show you thay my heart is in the right place, I will be offering to Americans, two old pair of warm boots that I don't need, 20 pairs of OLD warm socks, 20 cowboy hats that do not fit because I now have a big head from being President and a few warm shirts and pants I have left over from where I was born, Conn., although my family roots go back to my grandfather ( Prescott Bush) being from >>>MASSACHUSETTS<<<!!!

Now you do realise that I will have to get PAID for these items so please BID as HIGH as you can for them on Z-BAY!!!
Sorry but CASH ONLY!!! I don't trust Americans.
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