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Bush - Iraq - it's about the money


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Dec 14, 2005
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More Tell-tale signs:

1. Don't take God's name in vain. Its a sign of ignorance, irreverence, and disrespect.

2. Yes, you are in high school. just for your information, a high school student sharing his opinion is as useless as braile buttons on a drive-up ATM. You are young, inexperienced, and know nothing except what you see on the evening news or what is fed to you by the DNC. No, opinions are not illegal, unless, thanks to your DNC leaders, you want to discuss christianity or express your opposition to butchering a viable fetus in Late Term Abortions!

3. You support the troops, which is exactly what Dick Durbin said before calling our soldiers 'Nazis' and what Kerry said just before he called us 'terrorists'. What they are REALLY doing, though, is committing TREASON by attacking our nation's resolve, eroding our soldier's morale, and lifting the spirits of our enemy by our own politicians attacking our troops and trying to make it sound like our troops are the bad guys! And these are the guys you admire and follow? Do us all a favor - stay in school and smarten up!

As far as the 'uranium rods' you are talking about - WHAT are you talking about? I am referring to the 500 tons of yellowcake uranium that can be enriched to make nuclear weapons - the same uranium that Iraq never bought from Africa, according to rabid liberal Joe Wilson. We could also discuss the uranium being shipped from Iraq into Iran just deays before the war, the shipment of which UK Special Ops stopped on the border - since the war had not started, they could not legally confiscate the uranium. They did write down the serial numbers of the uranium down and turned them in to the U.N. Nuclear commission so they could cross check the serial numbers later. Iran still, to this day, refuses to allow the U.N. to inspect the uranium to check the serial numers. but according to your DNC leaders, who like you have never been there for themselves, this is all BS, right?! As far as the 500 tons of yellowcake uranium, the DNC whackos like Dean and Kerry are now saying that the very core ingredient that makes a nuke is no longer counted as WMD, so you can't count that 500 tons as WMD. Whatever!

Meanwhile, we are back to square 1 with Iran. the U.N. promises to handle this one, just like they promised for 12 years to 'handle' Iraq. The whole while they were betraying us, the Iraqi people, and the world by illegally funding hussein by secretly breaking every sanction they made publicly! Kerry, meanwhile, was cheering the U.N. on, saying THEY were our best answer for the defense of this nation! Now, we are faced with a nuclear Iran, led by a man who said he wants israel wiped off the face of the Earth. This is also the same country who aided the terrorists who committed 9-11, providing them with lodging, supplies, then helped them get access into the U.S. to perpetrate their crimes. Let me guess - you're going to pull a 'Kerry and say how we should let the U.N. take care of this issue now, like they did with Iraq.

Iran brags that they are enriching Uranium. Their leader has already said they will have nuclear weapons wihin a year. They have every intention of harming the U.S., as they already have helped the perpetrators of 9-11. At what point should we go in? If we do and don't find anything, there will be politicians who care more about power and their career who will quickly switch and say they were never for the war. If your enemy, who has already attacked your country, says he has nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons - he brags to the world that he has them, has even used some on his own people, how long do you wait before taking action? If a group who has sworn to take action against such people has proven in the past that they have helped your enemy - those who have attacked you - proving to be traitors themselves, how mnany times do you put your country's safety in THEIR hands? Do you wait until Iran hits Israel with a nuke? What do you do?

Iraq did have WMD - we have proof that much of it was moved into Syria just days before we went in. The Soviets provided GPS jammers (and troops) specifically designed to defeat our missiles to hussein in the early days of the war. Iraq had attacked this country, attempting to assassinate our previous President. Hussein had met with Al Qaeda reps - we have proof. Hussein used chemical weapons on his own people - the kurds. We found weapons with chemical weapons inside that were on lists turned into the U.N. saying they had already been destroyed...what do you know?! The dictator lied! Wow! But he swears he didn't have any more. We should believe him because he is a good guy. Forget about the facts, the 1st hand accounts from soldiers who were there and saw it. thy're just 'nazis' and 'terrorists' anyway! Why should we believe them instead of the evil dictator or the U.N.?

And as I said earlier, we have not taken 1 barrel of Iraqi oil, just to appease 'scholars' and left wing Bush-haters like yourself!

But you stick to your well-educated opinion, drawn from your vast experience and extensive knowledge!

In the end, the liberal's problem with/hatred of Bush comes down to just a few things. Here, let me help with your continued education:

1. Only 3 Presidents have been impeached in america's history - all Democrats! Slick Willy was the last and the one that sticks inthe democrat's craw the most. The hatred for Bush stems from their childish desire to do a 'tit-for-tat' and even the score.
-- Truth is, if Clinton would have focussed less on what was in his pants and getting into Lewinski's pants, we might not have had a 9-11! Kobar tower bombings: Americans die at the hands of Al Qaeda - Clinton response; NOTHING! USS Cole - Americans die at the hands of Al Qaeda - Clinton response: NOTHING! 2 African Embassy bombings: Americans die at the hands of Al Qaeda - Clinton response; NOTHING! Able Danger warned Clinton, and he did nothing. He later denied of ever hearing about Able danger! One of his old cabinet members was arrested, though, stuffing Classified documents down his pants, smuggling them out, and destroying them. The documents contained info about Able danger, what Clinton knew, and how he failed to act. All this happened years after Clinton was out of office - even years removed, we are STILL dealing with his scandals! In the end, Berger got off with a fine. His security clearance was not revoked, no jail time! If you or i had been caught doing that, we would be making little rocks out of big rocks, no more security clearance, and you would be hanging out with your girlfriend, Bubba!

2. Politics: Kerry, Dean, Pelosi - these guys are Democrats 1st, Americans 2nd! Their lust for power and desire to get back in office is so great that they would tell any lie, take any position, and even throw our own troops under the bus, even while in combat half a world a way! They try to rule by POLLS, and Bush tries to do what he feels is right. I would take the 2nd type of leader over the 1st any day of the week. The 1st type of leader has no idea how to lead thus tries to appease everyone, ruling by committee. He has no conviction and can not - will not - stick to any side because he may end up offending someone, which could lead to his removal from power. Bush has chosen what course he believes is right, with conviction, and has not wavered. the Dems flip-flop constantly, taking the latest poll before acting. Amazingly enough, they take polls, yet they try to push 'Hollywood' morality on a nationthey already know opposes it because of the results of the polls they have seen. After that morality was rejected, especially after Kerry declared Hollywood values was what the DNC was all about, the DNC lashed out at the public by calling them ignorant, in-bred, bible thumpers! (Yeah, that will get the voters back! Keep THAT stategy!)

Finally, Bush is making History right now - democracy in the Middle East! they have had their 3rd election with a turn out greater than we have ever had in THIS country! One old woman was on TV coming out of the polling boot - she said 'Thank God for the American Soldiers, and thank god for George Bush. We love him. To anyone who opposes george bush and helping the Iraqi people, you can go to he!!.' That got almost ZERO airplay back in the states! Why? Because the Libs don't want the truth about what is going on over there to be told! Freedom will flourish there, and when it does, years from now - how will history see Bush? More importantly, how will they see the democratic party, who tried everything they could to stop it?

I can not help but remember the Gulf War, when we went in to liberate Kuwait after Iraq invaded them. You might be too young to remember it. The Democratic party-controlled congress was totally against the move. The president sent in our troops anyway. Several weeks later, national support fopr the action and for our troops had swelled, made especially evident by the latest poll. After that poll, the congress stopped their work to hold a special session in which they held a vote to go back and amend the congressional historical records ('cook the books' - LIE) to show they all really been behind the war effort and behind our troops from Day 1! They did not want the records to show that they had opposed the war early on because their opponents could use that against them in the next election! THAT is PATHETIC! THAT is what I am talking about!

When history proves bush was right and that he created a Democratic goverment in the middle east, I have no doubt that the Democrats will have effectively gone back and ammended the records to show that they not only supported it and was instrumental in the feat, but it will probablyshow that it was the democrat's idea! :roll:
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