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Bush has opened "pandora's Box"

apathetic fools

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May 19, 2005
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In deserted ohio
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I'm wondering if Im the only American holding my breath. The middle east will not forget our bullying,and manipulation of the facts to invade Iraq. We are hated and despised by these people, and as soon as they can retaliate, they will! Bush recklesly neglected threats and warnings of attack on our great nation(read the 911 report), then lead us to invade a country corrupt enough to justify our invasion. What country is really protecting Bin Laden? Does he understand the mind set of these people. They kill their own people who show disrespect. They feel justified in any action they take to defend their beliefs. One can compare it to the religious fanatics we have seen in our country over the years. Ask your self, how did those situations end? The middle east will wait us out. They know what Ho chi min knew, we cant' stay there forever, But these people will never forget. I am wondering, am I the only American holding my breath?
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