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Bush-Clinton Fund vs. Bush-TV Preacher Fund


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Aug 27, 2005
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This thread is a study in contrast.

First of all, consider 2 former presidents, who see eye to eye on absolutely nothing, putting politics aside and raising money to help people deal with tragedy and crisis, from a killer tsunami to a killer hurricane. What you have is the Bush-Clinton fund. Both presidents are walking the walk.

Compare this to the relationship between Bush junior and Pat Robertson. With Bush's approval, Robertson's organization, Operation Blessing, is prominently featured on FEMA's list of acceptable charitable groups. So are other so-called "faith based" groups. But where is your money really going?

1) During the crisis in Rwanda, Robertson, in a televised appeal, begged for funds to feed the starving people in Rwanda, then used those funds to purchase diamond mining equipment, and begin diamond mining operations there. Guess who his partner was? None other than Mobutu Sese Seko, the Zaire dictator responsible for much of the murderous carnage in that country. While the Attorney General of Virginia, while admitting that Pat Robertson made misleading statements, he refused to prosecute. Robertson was a major donor to his earlier campaign. The Attorney General is also a major player in obtaining funds from FEMA, through his own organization, Prison Fellowship Ministries, and is a close ally of Robertson.

2) Robertson also diverted funds, which were supposed to feed the hungry in Africa, to another corporation he owns, this one a gold mining corporation in Liberia. His partner? Dictator Charles Taylor. When the US intervened there, and forced Taylor out of power, Robertson went ballistic, claiming that Bush had undermined an upstanding Christian president, and allowed Muslim rebels to take over. I wonder which Christian he was talking about. It certainly could not have been the murderous Taylor he was referring to, could it? However, he and Bush patched up their relationship, and Robertson went about his business looking for other ways to defraud a gullible public.

3) Another Robertson investment made with funds? A half million dollar racehorse named Pat. I am sure that could feed a lot of people.

4) But dont worry. Pat is working hard to feed America. He is marketing a new weight loss shake he invented, and is making money hands over fist. Are you wondering where the money came from to start this new enterprise? Wonder no more. You already know.

5) One month before the 2002 midterm elections, Robertson pocketed another half million dollars in Operation Blessing funds, while the Bush administration looked the other way.

6) And since the lion's share of the victims of New Orleans are black, Robertson's rascism is also in play. Why was he forced to resign from the Christian Coalition? Because he had a segregated area for blacks in his office, and had separate doors for whites and blacks to enter through.

This is the man who the Bush administration put in a prominent position to receive FEMA funds. Makes you wonder if there is a mother lode waiting to be discovered somewhere beneath the ground at New Orleans.

Article is here.
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From you cite:
"(One of them, the American Red Cross, is being blocked from entering New Orleans by FEMA's parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security.)"

This is factual WRONG. It was the LOUSIANA GOVERNOR who blocked the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, both operating UNDER FEMA. So it was FEMA who was blocked by the GOVERNOR. Anything else in the cite you posted is questionable if the writer got it so wrong on this point.
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