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Bus crash on Indy's north side

Green Balls

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Sep 24, 2012
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Not much in details about the crash at this time. For some reason, the bus attempted to make a turn at high speed and flipped over.

The Indianapolis Fire Department says three people were killed when a bus carrying teens from a church camp crashed on a busy thoroughfare near Interstate 465.
The bus was carrying 40 passengers who are members of Colonial Hill Baptist Church and were returning from camp when the crash happened Saturday afternoon. Most of them were teenagers.

Three killed, several injured in Indianapolis bus crash - 13 WTHR Indianapolis
Sorry to hear that. Prayers that the death toll doesn't rise for them.
poor kids were just coming home from camp. prayers and best wishes for the kids and their families.
The update states the driver said the brakes went out. I still can't figure out why he attempted to make a 90 degree turn if the brakes went out. Logic tells me you keep moving forward and coast to a stop.
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