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Bulgaria’s anti-government protests continue


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Sep 14, 2012
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Bulgaria’s anti-government protests continue | euronews, world news

Bulgaria’s anti-government protests have entered their second month. People have been gathering for 31 consecutive days in the capital Sofia. Although initially triggered by the appointment of a media mogul as national security chief, demonstrators are now accusing the government of corruption.

So yeah. Very little international media coverage of this little balkan country.

The government is corrupt. I have no doubt about it. I also know for a fact that it's incompetent and full of nepotism and favoritism. And the entire political class is this way. If you vote in the opposition, they'll be just as bad. No. the entire political class needs to be ousted and new people who have had no political liasons take the power. It will be tumultuous period after that, but better cut the cancer and then rebuild yourself than live with a tumor.
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