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Broward Co. Officials Breaking The Law

More of your typical one liner BS?

Incompetence and possible corruption doesn't bother you when it regards Democrats?

Seems a judge just ruled against the leftist criminals down there.
More of your typical one liner BS?

It's all I got left. Think I'm getting tired of it all.
Listen. Last Monday doe season opened here so me and a couple other guys headed down to Anderson Bay at the south end of the island I live on. Three days camping at a beautiful spot, good exercise on steep terrain, cell phone in the glovebox for the duration. I didn't even know what happened in your election 'till yesterday.
I find I don't have patience for partisan bullcrap anymore. And that's all this site is for some people, a place to spout the kind of crap that nobody in real life will listen to for more than a minute. Leftists this, rightards that, and, as Fledermaus (I think it was) said in another thread, WGASA.
Oh, I got skunked. Nada. One guy got a doe and a little spike buck. Lucky for me he doesn't like liver.
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