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British Resolve


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Jul 12, 2005
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The Brits are carrying out investigations and cleaning up the mess in the aftermath of terror attacks on mass transit systems in London. The death toll has risen over the last few days and stands at 49. What will be the impact on British foreign policy?

Unlike Spain, which suffered a similar but more tragic attack, British elections have been completed and Tony Blair and the Labour party have secured several more years of power. Even if this were not the case, I doubt that this attack would have driven Tony from Number 10. Britain is much closer to America than Spain in political affairs. While the Brits may have more love for large-scale socialism (although America is creeping up in many respects), they have a very solid support for American-style capitalism and are more likely to support the status quo when under attack from those wishing to sway their politics from afar.

Additionally, it has come to light that there have been some possible secretive talks concerning a timeline for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. This bit of news was leaked in the British press and immediately denied by the US administration. This latest attack in London, and the possibility of more to follow, can only add gravity to the growing kernel of belief in many that the war in Iraq is not very likely to make our countries safer and may indeed make us a more likely target in the future.

The immediate impact on foreign policy decisions of either country seems likely to be negligible. Neither wishes to show weakness in the wake of a terrorist attack. However, popular opinion will only be supportive as long as foreign adventures are not interpreted as bringing death and destruction to the friendly shores.

American and allied struggles will continue in Afghanistan and Iraq for the foreseeable future. If retaliations from fellow travelers continue to occur in our backyard, it is not an unlikely scenario that both proud countries may be forced into a Saigonesque departure by popular opinion. The “War on Terror” may need to take on a new form.
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