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British MP Calls for use of " seasonal workers" legislation to allow Ukrainian refugees a fast track into Britain


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Aug 3, 2014
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A government minister has suggested people fleeing war in Ukraine should apply to pick fruit in the UK.
Kevin Foster said the refugees could use the Home Office’s “seasonal worker scheme” to gain the right to settle in Britain.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have fled their country as Russian continues its invasion.
Foster’s comments, made in a now-deleted tweet, provoked outrage.

One Conservative source said: “I’m afraid Foster is a few fruit pickers short of a harvest.”

It's an interesting argument that is raging here and I will add something that will give some food for thought about the hypocrisy and imo racism that this story illuminates

.We have a Conservative MP who works for the immigration office, responding to a Labour ministers tweet asking for an open access/fast track type shift in legislation so as to allow refugees from the war a quick entry, advising that Ukrainians fleeing the Russian war could use the " seasonal workers" legislation to settle in the UK.

A spat follows with mounting pressure on the home secretary Priti Patel coming under increased pressure to accept Ukrainian war refugees as a " moral duty",

I actually have no problem accepting into the country those Ukrainians wishing to find a safe space to escape war and have no issue if they decide to stay after that.


Look at the difference when those fleeing wars and madness have brown skin

PRITI Patel is seeking to introduce immunity for Border Force officials in the event that a refugee drowns while small boats are being pushed back into French waters in the Channel.

Yep, protection for border control officers for any deaths caused as a result of their " pushing" these boats full of brown skinned people " back into French waters". Don't get me wrong, I understand that these officers should have some protection from carrying out their jobs BUT they are pushing these brown skinned refugees away from the country into positions where they could easily drown.

White skinned Ukrainians war refugees/asylum seekers in and fast tracked in, brown skinned war refugees/asylum seekers being pushed back into French waters where they may well drown or die of dehydration etc

But the rage is about the idea of demeaning Ukrainian refugees by inferring they can pick fruit.

Whooda ever have thunk it. :mad:
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