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Brian Koflade the trumpian hero! Well, the man who duped the trumpians

Sand Castle

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Jan 8, 2019
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Trump, Koflage and Bannon on how to dupe blind followers

Trump set the stage Mexico paying for Wall, Hoards of caravans crossing the border. Bannon, during his time with trump, saw the magic of donald, duping people with his foundation, colluding with Putin. Bannon, well duping Americans sounded good to him, works for trump will work for me.

The four men are indicted for allegedly using hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to an online crowdfunding campaign called We Build the Wall for personal expenses, among other things.

Bannon and another defendant, Brian Kolfage, promised donors that the campaign, which ultimately raised more than $25 million, was "a volunteer organization" and that "100% of the funds raised...will be used in the execution of our mission and purpose," according to the indictment unsealed Thursday.

And the kicker is trumpians were all over this board ranting and raving about Brian Koflage the face of the go fund me scam.

Koflage thanks you for his former Yacht "Warfighter" and your kind donations

Feds say wounded Air Force vet used ‘We Build The Wall’ funds to buy luxury fishing boat named ‘Warfighter’ - Task & Purpose


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