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Brian Banks (1 Viewer)

Should false accusers face prosecution

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Sep 29, 2007
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Should a woman, or anybody for that matter, that accuses and lies about a crime against them the puts another person in prison and ruins their life be held accountable to the point of being put to death? Brian banks had his life ruined because some stupid, literally, girl decided to lie and claim rape. I am looking more into what happened to her but it looks like she was able to keep tjhe 1.5 MILLION dollars and not face prosecution.

It may be the security guard at fault for putting the idea of having been raped into the child's mind. Thus, the school and/or security service would still be on the hook for the money awarded the girl and the prison time served not the fault, necessarily, of the girl.
Other. In this case (which is typical) the alleged perp confessed (plead guilty) and agreed to a ‘plea deal’ making the criminal matter moot. The rest of this story involved civil court actions.

In criminal cases it’s the state vs. the alleged perp, thus the accuser (in all criminal cases) is the state. Trying to extend that blame (fault?) to the state’s witness(es) is not fair to the alleged perp since it was the state who brought the (unsubstantiated) criminal charge and had the power to make (or reject) a plea deal.

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