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Breaking News!

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Oct 13, 2005
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George Bush Has Announced He Is Gay With Osama Bin Laden!
No you must be joking. i find that highly unethical
oops, is this not the anti- george bush forum! crap!
this is crap. they are all a bunch of straight stuck up noobs. why does this gay place keep emailing me
has the bush bein in bin ladens cave?
yo he is there right now innit man, america is such a crap country he had to leave!

no offence yanks!
spam pollatics is what people hide behind so they feel safe when there racist
i think it is like bollocks and tic tacs
so fresh smelly nob cheese is what it is, but when it gets old you dont want it no more
is there a rule?
pmsl, i fort it was when a man does another man, thats what da boys on the strret sayz!
****ing 30 second rule and ****ing 10 character thingy
you pakis all stink
this forum is da dogs bolloocks man, you lot ave warmed to me well good innit!
derka derka, mohammad jihad, baka laka daka
why are 99% of americans fat bastards! god they love their mcdonalds!
lets make this thread a ****ing hit, and i ****ing wish this **** ****ing forum would stop ****ing taking away my ****ing swear words, ****ing ****s
they they just all mutated into fat wankers, a yankie is what a man can do by himself anyway
us gotta post like this innit: f u c k y o u l o t s t i n k !
geez its ****ing dead in here, someone drop a bomb or something?
are you inplying members of this forum have cheesy p*icks?
nah nigger, im straight up telling ya
hmmm donuts............that will et their attention! here fatty fatties
who ate all the pies, YOU FAT BASTARD YOU FAT BASTARD you ate all the pies
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