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Breaking News: Helicopter shot down "Apache" for U.S. forces in Baghlan - Afghanistan


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Jun 1, 2010
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Breaking News: Helicopter shot down "Apache" for U.S. forces in Baghlan - Afghanistan


According to news arrivals of Baghlan Province, that the mujahideen shot down during a series of "conquest" of the Apache helicopter for the U.S. forces in the Directorate of the Centre and Baghlan Baghlan Province.

Adds the report, carried out the incident in the eleventh hour yesterday evening, when the Mujahideen attacked the status of the enemy in the area Abcol, and its impact and severe clashes between the parties.

During the attack the enemy helicopters bombed the surrounding areas, as a missile targeted by the Mujahideen, and moments later fell to the ground, killing all on board.

Officials having Mujahideen says: suffered material losses and other spiritual enemy during the attack, the enemy finally fled from the area, sheep and all the mujahideen equipment left behind in their status.

He also cited the three militants and wounded (2) others during the attack.
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