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Breaking Down the South Dakota Filing Deadline (1 Viewer)

Unlike the larger states, South Dakota only has an at-large House District.

Republican incumbent John Thune (R) takes on musician and educator Mark Mowry (R) and Army veteran Bruce Whalen (R). Meanwhile, unknown Brian Bengs (D) is unopposed for the Democratic primary.

This is a general election primary as Republican incumbent Dusty Johnson (R) takes on South Dakota State Representative Taffy Howard (R).

Republican incumbent Kristi L. Noem (R) takes on South Dakota State Representative Steven Haugaard (R) in her party's primary. The winner of this primary will face South Dakota State Representative Jamie Smith (D) and former South Dakota State Representative Lora Hubbel (I).

This concludes the candidate filing deadlines until May. Ballotpedia has not finalized the following states, and I will add them as they are finalized:
* Virginia
* New York
* Missouri
* Colorado

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