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Breaking Down the Montana Candidate Filing Deadline

Unlike most of the other states I've profiled, Montana only has the House up for election, Montana gains one House state due to redistricting.

District 1:
The Democrats have a three-candidate primary. Meanwhile, the Republicans have a five-candidate primary. The only notable Democrat is former Montana State Representative Tom Winter (D). The other Democrats are unknown. Notable Republicans include former 2012 House candidate for Arizona Matt Jette (R), former Montana State Senator Albert Olszewski (R), and embattled former Trump Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke (R). The winners of these primaries will take on self-employed John Lamb (L).

District 2:
There are ttree primaries in Montana for District 2. First, there is a three-candidate Democratic primary. Then, there is a four-candidate Republican primary featuring incumbent Matt Rosendale (R). Finally, the Libertarians have a three-candidate primary. The only notable Democrat is Montana State Senator Mark Sweeney (D). The rest are unknowns. The other notable Republican is medical sales representative James Boyette (R). The rest are unknowns. Finally, notable Libertarians include First Choice Real Estate founder Sam Rankin (L) and former 2018 candidate for the Montana Supreme Court clerk of court Roger Roots (L).


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Jul 12, 2018
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Sure hope that the Republicans win.

Hear tell that Montana is one of the few states that are still relatively free of insane violent crime.

Hope the people there can keep what they have.
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