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Breaking Down the Mississippi Candidate Filing Deadline

Ballotpedia has finally (I) finished updated Mississippi's candidates. The filing deadline in Mississippi was on March 1st, 2022. Unlike other states, Mississippi only has the House up for grabs.

District 1:
Republican Incumbent Trent Kelly (R) takes on unknown Mark Strauss (R) in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, Caterpillar employee Hunter Avery (D) takes on unknown Dianne Black (D - not the Tennessee Representative) in the Democratic primary.

District 2:
Democratic incumbent Bennie Thompson (D) takes on unknown Jerry Kerner (D) in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, there is a four-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include nuclear worker Brian Flowers (R) and truck driver Stanford Johnson (R).

District 3:
Democratic veteran Shuwaski Young (D) runs unopposed in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Michael Guest (R) takes on test pilot Michael Cassidy (R) and veteran Thomas Griffin (R) in the Republican primary.

District 4:
Republican incumbent Steven Palazzo (R) takes on six other candidate. Meanwhile, former Mayor of Hattiesburg Johnny DuPree (D) takes on unknown Democrat David Sellers (D) in the Democratic primary. Notable Republicans include City of Gulfport Police Department employee Raymond Brooks (R) and Mississippi State Senator Brice Wiggins (R). The other four Republicans are unknowns. The winners of these two primaries will take on firefighter and EMT Alden Johnson (L).
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