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Breaking Down the Georgia Candidate Filing Deadline

The Senate race in Georgia will be crucial for the Senate majority. Incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock (D) takes on Tamara Johnson Shealey (D) in his party's Primary. The Republican Primary is wide open, with a seven-candidate field. Notable Republicans include Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black (R), former Georgia State Representative Josh Clark (R), and former NFL running back Herschel Walker (R). The winners of the primaries will include House and Senatorial Candidate for 2022 George Litchfield (C*) and Libertarian Party of Atlanta and Outright Libertarian member Chase Oliver (L).

District 1:
There is a four-candidate Democratic Primary, the winner of which will go up against unopposed Republican Incumbent Earl Carter (R) and George Litchfield (C). Notable Democrats include former Army Lieutenant Colonel Joyce Marie Griggs (D) and former Army member Michelle Munroe (D)

District 2:
The Democratic Primary is between incumbent Sanford Bishop, Jr. (D) and Joseph O'Hara (D). There is an eight-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include education and athletic director Vivian Childs (R), Trump chief strategy and transformation officer and chief operating officer for the Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid A. Wayne Johnson (R), former Air Force JAG officer Richard Robertson (R), and current George House of Representatives candidate Tracy Taylor (he is running for both positions simultaneously) (R).

District 3:
Democrat Val Almonord is unchallenged in his party's primary. Meanwhile, there is a five-candidate Republican primary, which includes incumbent Drew Ferguson (R). Notable Republicans include trial attorney Jared Craig (R), law enforcement personnel Rhonda Simpson (R), and medical chief compliance officer Sean Weiss (R). Val Almonord and the winner of the Republican primary will take on Andrew Pacetti (I) in the general election.

District 4:
Island capsizer† and Democratic incumbent Hank Johnson (D) is unopposed and will take on the winner in the Republican primary between former U.S. Air Force member Jonathan Chavez (R) and talent manager and corporate trainer Surrea Ivy (R).

District 5:
In the Democratic primary, Incumbent Nikema Williams (D) takes on three other candidates. The Republican Christian Zimm, is unopposed. Notable Democrats include multi-state candidate Ian Medina, who has also filed to run for NY-10 and FL-7, and former Georgia State Representative Valencia Stovall (D), who stated that she would be leaving the Democratic party.

District 6:
The Democratic Primary involves 3 candidates, while the Republican primary involves nine candidates. Notable Democrats include former Army member Bob Christian (D) and former 2022 District 10 candidate Kimberly Reuter (D). Notable Republicans include former Georgia State Representative Meagan Hanson (R), small business owner Blake Harbin (R), emergency medicine physician and former Marine Rich McCormick (R), University of Georgia Graduate Mallory Staples (R), and veteran suicide prevention advocate Suzi Voyles (R)

District 7:
District 7 is an exercise in party cannibalism for the Democrats. Due to restricting, incumbent Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) is taking on both Incumbent Lucy Bath (D) and Georgia State Representative Donna McLeod (D). There's also a five-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include University of Georgia graduate Michael Corbin (R). The rest are unknowns.

District 8:
Democrat Darrius Butler (D) runs unopposed in his party's primary. In the Republican primary, incumbent Austin Scott (R) takes on Mike Reece (R).

District 9:
Democratic attorney Micheal Ford (D) is unopposed in his party's primary. Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Andrew Clyde (R) takes on four other candidates. Notable Republicans include University of Georgia graduate Benjamin Souther. The other two Republicans are unknowns.

District 10:
There is an eleven-candidate primary for the Republicans, while there is a five-candidate Democratic primary. Notable Republicans include nonprofit program director Andrew Alvey (R), small business owner Timothy Barr (R), former District 10 Representative Paul Broun (R), Collins Trucking Company owner Mike Collins (R), Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (R), Siena Heights University graduate Charles Rupert (R), and financial wealth manager and veteran Mitchell Swan (R). The notable Democrat is University of Georgia graduate Jessica Fore (D). The other Democrats appear to be unknowns.

District 11:
Daza Dance Studio owner Antonia Daza-Fernandez (D) takes on director of operations Heather Kilpatrick (D) in the Democratic Primary. They will square off against unopposed incumbent Republican Barry Loudermilk (I love his name) (R) and Independent Angela Davis (I).

District 12:
District 12 is already in the general election phase with Obama Delegate Democrat Liz Johnson (D) taking on incumbent Rick Allen (R).

District 13:
There is a three-candidate Republican primary. Meanwhile, Democrats have a five-candidate primary featuring Incumbent David Scott (D). The notable Republican is aerospace engineer and technician Caesar Gonzales (R). The other two candidates are unknowns. Notable Democrats besides David Scott include PhD Shastity Driscoll (D) and senior assistant for the City of Atlanta City Council Vincent Fort (D).

District 14:
There is a five-candidate Democratic primary. Meanwhile, there is a seven-candidate Republican primary that features incumbent Marjorie Taylor Greene (R). The only notable Democrat is government official and veteran Marcus Flowers (D). The other three are unknowns. Notable Republicans besides the incumbent include CSX Transportation Manager Eric Cunningham (R and medical worker Charles Lutin (R). The other four candidates are unknowns.

C = Conservative Party
† = "My concern is that Guam will tip over and capsize"


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Democrat Stacey Abrams (D) runs in her party's primary unopposed. There is a five-candidate field for the Republicans primary, including incumbent Brian Kemp (R). Notable Republicans include president of the Restoration Project Catherine Davis (R), former U.S. Senator David Purdue (R), and student services coordinator Kandiss Taylor (R). The winners of these two primaries will face former Marine Shane Hazel (L), public police management mediator Elbert Bartell (I), and President Boddie (I).
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