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Breaking Down the Arkansas Candidate Filing Deadline

(As I go to post, Mississippi does not have an official candidate set yet on Ballotpedia)

3 Democrats. 4 Republicans, and Kenneth Cates (L) are running for this office. The most notable Republican is incumbent John Boozman.


District One will have Roger Daugherty (L) square off against Monte Hodges (D) and the winner of the Republican Primary, which includes incumbent Rick Crawford (R)

District Two will have Michael White (L) square off against Quintessa Hathaway (D) and the winner between incumbent French Hill (R) and Conrad Reynolds (R).

District Three will have Michael Kalagias (L) square off against Lauren Mallett-Hays (D) and the winner between incumbent Steve Womack (R) and Neil Kumar (R).

District Four already has their general election candidates, with Gregory Maxwell (L) squaring off against John White (D) and incumbent Bruce Westerman (R).

Arkansas will have new Governor with Asa Hutchinson (R) being termed out. On a humorous note, Elvis Presley (I) is running for office. In all seriousness, Arkansas will be the first test of the Trump legacy, with former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) running in the primaries.
Now to rewrite this and give the results in my current style.

Republican incumbent John Boozman (R) won his party's primary and defeated Army veteran Jake Bequette (R), indoor firearms training facility owner Jan Morgan (R), and Marine Corps veteran Heath Loftis with 58.1% of the vote or 178,719 votes. Meanwhile, assistant program coordinator Natlie James (D) won the Demoocratic primary and defeated instrumentation technician Dan Whitfield (D) and and unknown Jack Foster (D) with 54.1% of the vote or 49,631 votes. John Boozman (R) and Natalie James (DO will face unknown Kenneth Cates (L), attorney Stuart Shirrell (I), unknown writee-in Richard Gant (I), and write-in property manager James Garner (I) in the general election.

District 1:
Republican incumbent Rick Crawford (R) won his party's primary and defeated Arkansas State Representative Brandt Smith (R) and Army veteran Jody Shackelford (R) with 72.3% of the vote or 25,895 votes. Meanwhile, vice presdient of commercial lending with Southern Bancorp Monte Hodges (D) wins the Democratic primary unopposed. Rick Crawford (R) and Monte Hodges (D) will face unknown Roger Daugherty (I) in the general election.

District 2:
Republican incumbent French Hill (R) won his party's primary and defeated Army veteeran Conrad Reynolds (R) with 58.4% of the vote or 44,404 votes. Meanwhiile, CEO and lead consultant of Q Hathaway and Associates LLC Quintessa Hathaway (D) won the Democratic primary unopposed. French Hill (R) and Quintessa Hathaway (D) will face unknown Michael White (L) in the general election.

District 3:
Republican incumbent Steve Womack (R) won his party's primary by defeating University of Chicago undergraduate Neil Kumar (R) with 81.1% of the vote or 28,365 votes. Meanwhile, speech-language pathologist Lauren Mallett-Hays won the Democratic primary unopposed. Steve Womack (R) and Lauren Mallett-Hays will face Navy veteran Michael Kalagias (L) in the general election.

District 4:
Republican incumbent Bruce Westerman (R) won his party's primary unopposed. Meanwhile, unknown John White (D) won the Democratic primary unopposed. Bruce Westerman (R) and John White (D) will face Silver Eagle Event Center owner Gregory Maxwell (L) in the general election.

In this open seat, former Trump Administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) defeated radio show host Doc Washburn (R) in the Republican primary wiith 83.4% of the vote or 127,678 votes.. Meanwhile, physicist Chris Jones (D) won the Democratic primary by defeating CEO of Absolute Business Consulting, Inc. Anthony Bland (D), former Arkansas State Representative Jay Martin (D), New Dawn Counseling Co-owner James Russell (D), and CEO of the Multicultural Expo Center Supha Xayprasith-Mays (D). Chris Jones (D) won with 72.9% of the vote or 29,762 votes. Sarah Huckbee Sanders (R) and Chris Jones (D) will face president of the Libertarian Policy Institute Ricky Dale Harringon Jr. (L), unknown write-in Dan Nelson (I), unknown write-in Elvis Presley (I -- no, not that one), unknown write-in Jason Tate (I), and unknown write-in Michael Wooodard (I) in the general eelection.
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