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Brawndo Recovery: 8 Headwinds For Economy, Housing and Mortgage Markets


May 11, 2013
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by tonysanders
Sep 1, 2013

The US economy is straying further and further away from a free-market model and towards a government-controlled, crony economy. We can see the results of the move to government control of the economy in the headwinds. Like in the movie “Idiocracy” where the government orders Brawndo, a green liquid that resembles Gatorade, be used instead of water for crops, the government’s solution to all problems is more government, more regulation, more taxes, etc. Government is what statists crave.

Here is a partial list (the actual list is way too long) of headwinds facing the economy, the housing market and the mortgage market.





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Brawndo Recovery: 8 Headwinds For Economy, Housing and Mortgage Markets | Confounded Interest

I agree with Mr. Sanders and the Progressive surge toward bigger overreaching government will destroy America. Read the complete article.
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