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Boy's Town

we arrived at the fish house and unloaded our catch. But my work was not done. I had to clean
the engine room. The engine room was filthy. The whole room was covered in black soot. There
was a reason for this. My uncle had the governor removed and was turing the 610 GM at
undreamed of rpm's in order to tow his oversized 60' texas flat nets. All the other boats were
pulling 40' nets at the time. A few years later, as the turbo charger was introduced all of the boats
would be towing 60' nets. The called this new breed of trawlers, "super trawlers". My uncle was
the first fisherman in the gulf to do this. The boat owner, Percy *******, also owned a GM diesel
distributorship so he did not mind rebuilding the engine , which lasted about three trips.
After cleaning the engine room with a combination of diesel fuel and tide I got my check and
headed to town. After washing up and getting some new clothes I was rearing to go to "boy's
town", Mexico.

+Brownsville is right across the rio grande river from matamorphis, which is a very
large mexican town. Boy's town is about 10 miles from matamorphis. A couple of other shrimpers
took a cab there. Shrimperss always took cabs every where. Most of them did not own cars. My
uncle had confinscated my renault but I did not care. I was usually too drunk to drive anyway.

After about a 15 miole drive through a wasteland we arrived in boy town. I pop[ped up out of no
where in a desolute area. The town was mostly bars which were all whore houses. There were no
paved roads or sidewalks. I could not believe that at last I was finally here. Every woman in the
town was a registered prostitute. I said to myself, looking at the women, I can have any one of
them i want.

The first bar we entered there was a floor show going on. I could not believe my young eyes.
There on the stage was "banana girl". I had heard of htings like this but I really did not believe
them till now. Most of my sex education was from reading "The one hundred dollar
misunderstanding." After she made the banana didsappear a naked dude in a cape came on the
stage. He had an enormous penus. Years later I saw the same thing in the godfather II movie

I picked out a girl from among the crowded bar and arranged for a sexual liason with her for three
dollars. After we made love, she begged me to stay and said "fukie for love". Wow, I was a virgin
no more!

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