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BOYCOTT Amazon (1 Viewer)

Amazon is continuing its strategy of delivering its own packages, something that it has been pursuing for years, and your reaction is to boycott them?

I encourage you to do that. You no longer deserve the service they provide. Goodbye.
I get a nice fat check from Amazon every month, so no, I wont boycott them.
1. I am an elderly person who has been very grateful to Amazon during this lockdown.

2. I have found that Amazon's own delivery service has been very dependable.

3. I think that Americans should be very thankful to Amazon for its services.

4. Although I plan to vote for President Trump, I disagree with his criticism of Amazon's USPS rates.

a. I DO agree that the USPS has to be overhauled. Five-day-delivery is enough. The workforce has to be reduced through attrition. (I can understand why the new Dem Congress
will not order the USPS to dismiss workers, most of whom are presumably Democrats.)
I get a nice fat check from Amazon every month, so no, I wont boycott them.

Ah.... another "Bought Off" American?
Ah.... another "Bought Off" American?

To the extent that people invest and receive benefits from their own personal investments under our capitalism system, yes, he chose to buy himself off by participating in capitalism.

Enjoy rewatching your Trotsky documentary on Netflix for a 17th time, Comrade.

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