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Boxxy's handbag sells for over $15,000

"Current bid: US $999,999.99"

I prefer Uncyclopedia too, but it doesn't have much about the whole chan internet subhumansculture.

call me clueless but what in the heck is the Chan internet subculture

To me that girl looks like an ADD kid on a massve amount of speed and coke
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/clueless old fart comment

I'm with you. But sometimes it's GOOD to be the clueless old fart.

We should start a club.
4chan - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

You could also look at the article on encyclopedia dramatica, but I can't link it 'cause it has tits.

Heh. I remember her, the saga of Boxxy was highly amusing to observe.

call me clueless but what in the heck is the Chan internet subculture
4chan is what I can only call the real face of the internet. :shrug:
Can't really describe it
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