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Book ban

Well I would say "How to Talk to a Liberal (If you must)" by Ann Coulter, but it bans itself because she can't write. Stupid pundits :p
Obviously, you have not seen her in a live debate. She is incredible. Not a bad looker either.

back to topic...

I would ban "King & King" in Elemetary School librarys.


Why? In my opinion, public schools should NOT be teaching elementary children about sex or gay/lesbian activities.

This book is labeld ages 6 and up.
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To be honest with you, it is not the school systems place to pass on social precepts to children, the parents should be responsible for that. Unfortunently, children have bad parents, and for some reason (if somebody knows tell me) school systems teach that stuff. Sure, nobody likes the "Birds and the Bees" talk from your parents (eww gross!) but I'd rather here it from them.

Ann Coulter debates with slander and spite. Slander is the least intelligent kind of writing. It's really not that difficult to point the finger and ignore the side you are fighting for. I so wish I could hit her with a pie...
No books should be banned if we are to follow the constitution.
However the school boards have the right to not allow certain books from being introduced in the learning enviornment. So if you have a problem with the Homo agenda being pushed it should be taken up with the school board. The school boards for public education are funded by tax dollars. They work for us the tax payers. Unfortinatly most school boards I have dealt with have forgotten this.
But to just ban the book is an infringment of the first amendmet.
Yes it is, but you gotta admit, Ann Coulter doesn't deserve to publish a book in the first place ;-)
If we were to ban books, I'd say we need to ban Fahrenheit 451.

If that choice needs explanation, then I'd suggest running out and getting a copy of it.
Why would we really want to ban any books? Isn't freedom of the press one basic foundations of our society? If we were to begin banning books where would we go next? Jail time or "retraining" for ideas that varried from the norm?
Books are a beautifil medium to transmit thought and ideas that are not put forth by the state.
Word, dawg. Just Kidding.

But seriously, Fireman that make fire? Ingenious.
And oddly enough, it wasn't on the required reading list in Alabama public schools. Why? Because they have a ban going.
LiberalFINGER said:
And oddly enough, it wasn't on the required reading list in Alabama public schools. Why? Because they have a ban going.
I must of missed something. What book was banned in Alabama?
I've been searching for qoutable specifics, but my eyes are burning and I'm really tired of looking right now.

The point was that you don't ban or challenge books then turn around and let people read Fahrenheit 451.
What's funny is the book Fahrenheit 451 is about book burning and a fireman who comes to the side of intelligence and realizes the wrong in burning books, and people are trying to ban it. The irony is delicious.
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