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Boeing opens first 737 plant in China amid trade tensions (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2017
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Boeing opened its first 737 completion plant in China as the Chicago-based airplane maker navigates the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing.

The company also delivered the first 737s completed at its new Zhoushan facility to state carrier Air China during a ceremony Saturday, according to Reuters.
Boeing must have their corporate noses up in the right places. Collectively I wouldn't trust the Chinese as far as I could throw them.
I've been following this for awhile. Several years, actually. That plant is actually a "finishing" plant. The bare & empty unfinished plane gets flown there, and the interiors and some avionics and other China-specific interior stuff gets completed there.

This is an ongoing strategic partnership between Boeing and China to develop China's air industry and infrastructure. Consequently, China has become Boeing's largest market by far. It's really a double-edged sword, that Boeing is wielding here. Because while there are obvious dangers, how do you ignore your biggest partner and largest market place? You can't.

G.M. has the same exact problem: How do you ignore your largest market?

Let's face it. The new Chinese consumer middle-class is larger than America's entire population, and it's still wildly growing. China is now the world's largest consumer nation. If as a consumer business entity you don't partner with them or serve them, you will fall by the wayside. You can't beat the laws of markets & economics.

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