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Body Language Can get You Laid! (Alpha vs Beta)

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Mar 22, 2010
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Wimps have rapid reaction times
OREGON, U.S.: Unfit or weak people react sooner to sounds of approaching danger than strong, healthy people – which may be an evolutionary adaptation to allow them a larger margin of safety, says a new study.
Test subjects listened to a sophisticated sound system that mimicked an approaching object, explained John Neuhoff, an evolutionary psychologist at the College of Wooster in Ohio, U.S., and co-leader of the study.
The ‘virtual object’ sounded like a motorcycle passing on a highway, approaching the subject at 15 m/s and then whizzing past them. The subjects were asked to hit a key when they thought the sound was right in front of them.
Fitness was measured by two variables: heart rate after a bout of moderate cardiovascular exercise and muscular power, measured by the strength of their hand grips. [...]
“It’s beneficial [for the weaker] to react sooner rather than later,” said Neuhoff. “The cost of responding too early is far less than the potentially fatal cost of responding too late.”
Corollary: It’s beneficial for the stronger to take their sweet time reacting to events. Not because it will lessen his chances of getting killed (mauled or bludgeoned in the ancestral environment), but because women are wired to associate a calm demeanor and stoic repose with an alpha male she wants to ****.
Women typically responded sooner than men, who on average are physically stronger.
This is evidence that beta males behave more like women than men.

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You can't take the alpha male home to meet your family though.
I'm sorry but this comes across as total horse-**** to me.

A rapid reaction time to potential threats IS a survival characteristic. I don't care how strong and fit you are, if you're too slow reacting to a spear coming at your guts then you're just as dead as any Nerd.

Now if the real thrust of the article is that women are attracted by an APPEARANCE of confidence, then I agree entirely... but I don't think slow reflexes is part of that. A lack of excessive and needless nervous jumpiness maybe, but not slowness.
You can't take the alpha male home to meet your family though.

The Alpha male doesnt want to meet your family. Just bang her in the rear after drinking a 6 pack of Miller. :roll: Or banging her in the butt after a power lunch and doing heavy cardio for 1 hour. Then wear a Wife-beater T-shirt and go jogging with other alpha's and tell them how you banged her in the butt and she is only 19. Then make business plans to screw over 'the little people'.
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