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Body Heat 1981

Ned Racine

Sep 24, 2010
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This Film is standing the test of time. Sure at the time it's raw explicitness was the focus , but still the plot was First rate. It didn't show even one false moment of Human behavior and it's premise that" If You Really want a Man to do Something out of his normal Life You had Better Make things REAL SWEET & Different " for him. Like he's never had it before and with a possible "Big Payday" down the line. Eventually you act like you" need him to decide" - let him come up with the plan and then play your part.

William Hurt's 2 scenes - the jogging on the pier where he comes up with the actual scenario and the later wee hours ride in the fog (body in trunk) where he see's his own face in the side mirror are pivotal moments in screen history.

Lawrence Kasdan's direction was top notch and while it was a throwback to other films like Double Indemnity, Scarlet Street & The Big Sleep it will stand apart over time.
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