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Bob Woodward, now person "non-grata" by the democrats! (1 Viewer)

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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I just love it, ..Woodward once the media darling, & ally of the liberal media, AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY has now found himself in the crapper; AND as usual the media leftists turned on him because he told the truth about him stating that HE, & other news people & journalists KNEW of Valerie Plames identity in the CIA long before, ..which might actually help Scooter Libby's defense.

Hey Bobby; " How does it feel to get backstabbed" when you are not serving the best interests of the media, & the democratic party at ALL times?:smile:

What the hell, ..YOU are expected by the media, & the democratic party to present evidence that HELPS destroy the Bush administration, as you did with Nixon's administration, ..& certainly NOT to aid in the preservation of of it!!
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