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Blair The Projected Winner!


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Feb 12, 2005
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Another defeat for liberal Democrats around the world. :lol: It is nice to see that the BBC isn’t as influential as they thought they were.

May 5, 6:20 PM (ET)

LONDON (AP) - Tony Blair won a historic third term as prime minister Thursday but his Labour Party suffered a sharply reduced parliamentary majority in apparent punishment for going to war in Iraq, according to projections based on exit polls.
Such an outcome, if confirmed by the actual vote count, could set the stage for Blair to be replaced in midterm by a party rival such as Gordon Brown. As Treasury chief, Brown was widely credited for the strong economy that appears to have clinched Labour's victory, outweighing the bitterness many voters said they felt over Iraq.
The BBC projected that Labour would have a 66-seat majority, down from its 161-seat lead over the combined opposition in the previous House of Commons.
The station's projections had Labour taking 37 percent of the popular vote, the lowest winning share ever. The Conservatives, showing their first signs of life since losing power eight years ago, were estimated at 33 percent.
Such a result matched the "bloody nose" - a humiliation but not a defeat - that opponents had hoped to give Blair.
The left-leaning Guardian newspaper offered free clothespins to any reader who requested one after a columnist urged reluctant Labour supporters to put aside opposition to the Iraq war to back the party for its domestic policies.
Squawker said:
Another defeat for liberal Democrats around the world. :lol: It is nice to see that the BBC isn’t as influential as they thought they were.

LOL you obviously don't know much about UK politics. Blair has got 55% of the seats with 36% of the popular vote! This is a record in British politics - it is lowest popular vote for a winning party in British History!

Blair and his Labour party has been given a "bloody nose" by the British people. Blair before the election had a majority of 176 seats. Now - they have a majority of just 66, as a result they might need the Liberal Democrats to pass their laws, this is because Blair has split is own party in two (Iraq).

The Liberal Democrats has has their best result in OVER 80 YEARS! Lots of Labour voters defected to the Lib Dems, in Manchester the Lib Dems overturned a 17,000 vote deficit! (In UK 17,000 is a lot). At last the UK, are actually close to a three party system. Squawker you don't know how much the Lib Dems ate into the Labout vote - it was massive!

The only reason Labour is in power today is because the opposition - the Conservative Party are just pure c**p. Leaderless, lack of charisma and still they took 40 seats away from Blair's Labour.

In conclusion, Blair has suffered a defeat - he lost over 100 seats to be given a reasonable majority for a loyal party, but not for a split one.
Most political advisors on the news, state that Blair wil not be Prime Minister in 2-3 years time. The Labour Party did not win because of Blair, they won despite of Blair.

As I said well done to the Liberal Democrats for their historic gains today!
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