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Black or white, rich or poor


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Aug 3, 2014
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After the crash of 2008 and the anger over bank bail outs given there was a palpable reaction to the corporate dominance over the political sphere. Anger about the disparity of wealth distribution. This culminated in the Occupy Wall Street movement which sought to address these issues and build, so it was stated, a fairer world with an ecofriendly approach to human society/living. You know the story so you don't need me to reiterate it. That was 2011.

Fast forward to 2016 and we see a disenfranchised white working class make possible a Trump electoral victory. They foolishly believed, imo, that a lifelong self serving narcissist from that corporate world would actually care about their plight. The talk of " draining the swamp" and the , usual, populist scapegoating of minorities struck a chord as it always does.

Against a backdrop of this white working class fight to assert what they believed to be their rights, there was no doubt that a hardcore element of white supremacists. Not everyone that voted for Trump is/was a racist imo but there can be no denying the above.

Moving forward again, a reaction to the unacceptable treatment of people of colour gave rise to a Black Lives Matter movement and the stage was set for confrontations between the white supremacist element of the Trump fan base and this newly organized reaction to the systematic racism the US has always suffered from. The struggle between the two is ongoing.

After the events surrounding the loss of the election by Trump and the hardcore element that refused to accept it, we saw a further and newer division between the white people of America. The claims of each side being un American or traitorous fill this very forum and reflect the sentiments of the broader population.

So, for me a question springs out.

Has the landscape/culture since 2008-2011 been manipulated from a 99% against the 1% social justice/political reform conflict to a racial conflict by the 1% themselves, considering their influence on and ability to shape the public perception/arena ?

We are, imo, entering a phase in society that is sure to see a huge decline in living standards for the 99% and the ongoing prosperity of the 1% but we see the poor fighting with eachother based on racial differences.

Coincidence or manufactured ? I say the latter because that what history tells us is the correct answer imo
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