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Sep 30, 2005
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After reading an endless stream of threads about this extremely devisive topic....I have noticed something extraordinary.

There is no Middle Ground

Seems we have on the one side those that see abortion as a form of murder, and beleive anything in the womb is a human.

And those on the other...who see the legal limitations as acceptable.

I see no end to this debate unless we decide to listen to each other, and so.....I have a simple request:

Mods....please delete anything in here that is based on something other than fact....in this way...we may actually get some level of concensus going.....I hope
I think scouring through and deleting would do two things that actually brought us here in the first place.
1) Censure. Even fools have opinions and need someplace to show their foolishness. At least here we can counter it.
2) Inflame those very same fools and we don't want that, now do we?
Personally, I take the route of saying what I think, base it on factual information that's available to me, let them go off on their little tangents and have a good laugh at them. Once I express, read and retort, I'm done, unless of course, I am actually having a half-way intelligent fact-based give and take of views. Then it's quite a mental workout, which is healthy.
So, really this forum serves a dual purpose, exchange of ideas and comedy.:mrgreen:
tecoyah said:
Mods....please delete anything in here that is based on something other than fact....in this way...we may actually get some level of concensus going.....I hope
Are we to assume you mean solely for this thread?
I'm sure he does, but since facts and law and common sense are on his side, he won't get much intelligent arguments, just more ranting and name calling, thus the request.
So, best to just let the worst of the lot implode, so that the rest of us can have some sort of entertainment:mrgreen:
After reading the threads in here, I agree, there is no middle ground, but some just are so extreme in their beliefs, they don't even realize that not ONE pro-choice poster said a word about being anti-life. Indeed, we are probably more aware of ALL life instead of having the arrogance to think it is only man who matters. We are probably also of the belief that, while our system of rights is not perfect, it is the best and we respect it,at least enough to realize its imperfections as parts of the whole.
Too many refuse to see the 'whole picture' and refute what is in front of their eyes, preferring to go into nonsensical diatribes.
Call pro-choice what you will, not one of us is, as has been called, 'anti-life'; indeed, we place a high enough value on ALL life to know sometimes, it's just not perfect.
Does logic count as fact... that is, reasoning--as opposed to direct numbers?
Logic is only as valid as the facts upon which it is based. Yes, we know it is possible to take actual facts and then perform bad logic upon them (witness the "intelligent design" argument), but in this overall Abortion debate, the facts tend to be less manipulable. Take the "Is it alive?" stupidity. YES, the zygote and all later developmental stages are alive! DOES IT MATTER? Ah, now THAT'S the question they should have asked!
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