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Biological weapons on humans



About being eliminated by overnight or in accident is small fraction, real scale is biological weapons. Anybody can be victim and its unprovable.
how would you feel if 1 morning you wake up and u dont feel well you were told that will eliminate you, and over the years pain is growing there is nobody to who you can complain, there is no proof what was done to you, you got no money and friends who you have don't have enough power to stop it.
If we read newspapers then we all know that diseases numbers are raising really quickly is it really pollution or is it some of it targeted pollution.
Good news is every single person has access to some of the weapons easiest way is pharmacy. you only need knowledge.
I'm lucky cause i know names and faces who did it to me also i know it was done to me but there is so much out there. How much is mystery.
Public funds don't cover the specific targeted investigations in your body and can in cancer cases only give you little extra time. My case what ever disease it is 100% was induced disease, thats why im wondering how widely its actually used, cause i was told what they gonna do. But it is definately possible to do same thing without victim even realising. You only need medical knowledge. There was case researcher who had salary 300000 pa and this guy cheated with medications research data. So these things are not far away from us. And good news this guy acted alone imagine group of people with money and access for these things to protect themselves from others, especially if you not gonna get caught, 10 good reasons why not

If you read that story and you think that age of 22 i was when i got it i, been suffering now 4 years in pain my body is doing more and more pain everyday. There is only 1 goal left make awareness so that others can learn how to protect themselves. That is not joke people are being tortured to death.

In my case it is maffia, Same maffia provides any companies you can think of and also invests money into health research. And it all runs down to spain i mean the biggest guy is there. Im from Estonia but it is European Union so all these treates about biological weapons don't work and probalby never will. The scale and access what they have is just too much and with billions its not even miracle.
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