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Bill Clinton to mediate Shalit release?


יותר מקו
Jul 16, 2006
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Report: Netanyahu asks Bill Clinton to mediate Shalit release
By Haaretz Service
Published 10:39 11.07.10

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked former U.S. president Bill Clinton to help mediate the release of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported Sunday.

During his recent visit to Washington, Netanyahu met with the former U.S. leader and proposed that the latter visit Gaza and negotiate with senior Hamas officials in efforts to finalize a prisoner exchange deal that would see hundreds of Palestinian prisoners freed from Israeli jails in exchange for Shalit.

Shalit was captured by Gaza militants in 2006 and has been held by Hamas for over four years.

Israel and Egypt couldn't do it. Maybe Clinton or Jesse Jackson can secure his release.
You never know. For some odd reason, American ex-Presidents seem to have a decent track record at pulling off things like this.
I wish him every luck.
I think releasing hundreds of terrorists in exchange for one man is a mistake. 100 Hamas members need to die each day until Shalit is released.
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