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Big win for USA Ladies Tennis


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Oct 12, 2005
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Trying to get back into the world group-Federation Cup and missing 3/4 of the top American Women (The Williams Sisters and Sloane Stephens), USA Captain, the classy Mary Jo Fernandez traveled to Australia with Madison Keys, Christine McHale, Coco Vandweghe and doubles specialist Bethany Mattek-Sands to play Australia led by former world #4 Samantha Stosur

Keys won easily against a lower ranked opponent but the real shocker was Christine McHale's win against former US Open Champion Stosur in front of an Australian crowd. Down a set, McHale destroyed a choking Stosur in the second sent and held on to beat a player ranked many positions ahead of her

The next shocker was Mary Jo benching Keys (due to a sore wrist) and put Coco up against the higher ranked Stosur even though Coco was a winning record against Sam. well this move looked like a mistake as Stosur easily won the first set but Coco-serving only at 40% first serves in, won the next two sets to vault the USA into the main group next year.
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