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BIG OIL : Record Profits and $3.00 plus a gallon (1 Viewer)



Third quarter earnings are coming out for the big oil componies. Many of their profits are up around 75% at a time when Americans are struggling to pay $3.00 or more per gallon. Exxon earned around 8 billion for the 3rd quarter. (That's higher than the GDP of Iceland!)

Many people think that as a way so help Americans deal with these costs, the big oil companies should put some of their profits back into helping reduce costs for the public.

Dennis Hastert says no!

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The Speaker of the House who represents a northern state,Illinois.Still won't cross his Oil company buddies. Shows where his loyalties lie.
It is extortion to the american public, no politician will look twice at it and majority of America will complain about it but not do anything.

We (the American public) complain all the way to the gas station, fill up, and complain all the way back.

Lets look at this from a business stand point. The consumer used to pay 2.00 a gallon, and was paying 3.20 at one point. Now when we (the oil companies) drop the price .30 cents to 2.90 the american public is excited and happy not to be paying over 3.00. They are now mostly happy and we are up .90 from where we used to be.

It's business and we have control over the supply and demand (atleast the supply that is already here in the US) but fail to do anything about it, and our politicians like it that way because they most likely get paid behind the scenes not to bring it up.

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