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Biden: Trump has 'legitimized a dark side of human nature' (1 Viewer)


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Aug 4, 2017
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Biden in Kenosha: Trump has 'legitimized a dark side of human nature' | TheHill

Nail. Head.

“I said, don’t tell me things can’t change … but I made a mistake about something,” Biden said. “I thought you could defeat hate. It only hides. And when someone in authority breathes oxygen under that rock, it legitimizes those folks to come on out from under the rocks.”

Biden brought up Trump’s response to the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Va., as evidence of the president’s failed leadership on race.

“It’s not all [Trump’s] fault,” Biden added. “But it legitimized a dark side of human nature. What it did though, was also expose what had not been paid enough attention to. The underlying racism that is institutionalized in the United States that still exists and has for 400 years. So we end up with a circumstance like we have here in Kenosha.”
It's sad, but true.
It could be argued well that once Trump came along there was a renewed voice given to the worst of our society pimping racism and white nationalism.

Hell with it, as President OrangeGlow would say... “Some very fine people on both sides.”
But, the rioters are Leftists. :lamo
Maybe some of white society will awaken and stand up against the savage mentality of racism that festers and spreads within white society. When they own the fact they created the system and process and social policy of Racism... Then they will for once own up to the vile that they have allowed to continue.

Those who want to deny it, support a lie that keeps it breeding within their ethnicity group. People should look at some of the University Campuses where many young white people, group together and embed themselves in racist ignorance. They think its funny and delude themselves to think they are clever... only to find out they do nothing but spread the vile that has damaged America for 100's of years.

No more can they sweep it under the rug and pretend it does not exist... they have to stand up and speak up and for once join in the civility of American Democracy, which has its core principles within "Equality of Person, as Individual".

That Barbarism and Savagery they brought from European countries and took it to a whole different level of raw savagery wrapped in greed, gluttony and slothfulness and they wrapped that in the vile acts of every kind of violence one can conceive.

High Prices Name Tags Clothing Costumes can't hide it, not can surrounding ones self with material trinkets and playing socialite chasing name brand fictions of popularity...

The Entire World can see it... and they watch them back a pure Savage Mobster, ravage the Country's Governance System, Attack every Civil and Civic Policy, and Denigrate anything and anyone he can't force to pander to him. And these people who cleave unto him... show, they have not evolved over all these Centuries.

The Liberal Minded People standing up for Racial Equality and Respect for Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Society, are people who respect what American Democracy is, and they have come to learn that "Equality of Person, is the Foundation That Keeps Democracy Flourishing.

The white people who don't exhibit that ignorance of racism and don't think their skin makes them better than others, will continue to build their lives within appreciating the beauty and quality within being a part of a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Society. They accepted Change, and do not want to be anything like some of their ancestry... those who had liberal minded ancestry find they did not have the environmental ignorance of racism embedded so deep they could not remove it, they could step back and see the influences, and navigate away from that hatefulness and vile and they did not lend themselves to be sucker in by the promotions of racist savagery.

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tbh, Rush and Sean have been feeding the dark side for decades. Trump is simply the first Republican President to legitimize it.

at least the others didn't go down below the slime in the gutter ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME.
This is the kind of sick stuff Trump supports...

September 8, 2020,

As protests against police violence and racism have been undying in many parts of America for months on end, counter-protestors and vigilantes like Kyle Rittenhouse have continued to show face, too. This weekend, after 100 days of Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, a far-right group known as the Proud Boys showed up in Oregon to counter-protest the anti-fascist and BLM demonstrators — and they violently clashed with them, causing serious harm.

After attending a nearby pro-Trump rally, the Proud Boys and other demonstrators showed up at the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem carrying guns and baseball bats. When word spread, counter-protestors from the left showed up — and that’s when the far-right group took it into their own hands to literally bash them away.

Videos from the scene show the crowd punching a Black Lives Matter protestor, beating them with a baseball bat, and macing them with pepper spray. Men in camouflage backpacks can be seen descending on the anti-racist protestor, while shouting, “Take a hike!” and “Get them!” The men then swarmed the person and began beating them up while yelling profanities and insults. Accord to the Associated Press, they also fired paint-gun pellets before police began to arrive.

The Proud Boys were originally a group of men who wanted to gather to drink and talk about masculinity. But they’ve since become one of the most well-known hate groups in America

Savages... like many of their ancestry, repeating the same type of savage attacks like some of their grandparents and parents engaged To Attack "Civil Rights Protester who Protest Against Racism"!
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i'm asking a serious question. do you know anyone in real life as vile as our current President?


Trump is liken to the 1960's George Wallace, but Trump is even worst because he sits in the seat of the Presidency. he has damaged an entire nation and the world community. Trump's picture should be put in the dictionary beside the word Savage.
he has no regard for the principles of Democracy and he has absolutely no understanding a Diplomacy among Democratic Nations. His diplomacy is to pander to Tyrants, and continue his worship of Putin.

People don't pay attention, if they did, they'd know that Trump has followed the Script of Hitler... including having Barr (the lowest life mobster)..... America will not recover to be the nation it was, because the damage are too great. It will take us decades to get back to being respected as we once were on the level of character and integrity.

He has presided over showing the world the vile of Republicanism. Trump and Republicans are promoting Confederacy Ideology and Pursuing Confederacy Agenda.
I think it really is like many people have said. Trump is a result, not a cause. He's a ****ty human being. He has been all his life. But turds like Rush and Hannity and Beck and Frau Ingraham have been laying the foundation for their side of the spectrum to turn to a **** like him. Fake assed conservatives have been really moving in this direction for the 20 years that I've been paying attention. More bigoted. More authoritarian. Smaller tent. Trump is simply a manifestation of that. And the next guy will be worse. I do suspect that Junior will be on the pulpit at some point. And he's an even more evil, psychopathic piece of ****. And I guarantee you anyone who defended Senior will pull the lever for Junior without hesitation. **** the whole Trump family.
As crazy as this all is... I like white people who respect and appreciate multicultural and multi-ethnic society and I know many, including people in our family expanse.

I like working with progressive minded White people, Black people, Hispanic people, Asian people and any people who have interest to improve things for the whole of society. The Mixture and Diversity, brings many things to the making of progress...

I detest the vile racist and bigots, who have no concern to learn what American Democracy is, and who are willfully illiterate to the principles and values of Equality and its core basis of being foundational to democracy.

Any people, who don't respect what is American Democracy... whether they are white, black, brown, yellow or whatever combination... is an Atrocity!!! if they don't respect Democracy enough to learn what it is, and how to support making it be all it can be... then they are models of ignorance, that is a detriment to Democracy.
As crazy as this all is... I like white people who respect and appreciate multicultural and multi-ethnic society and I know many, including people in our family expanse...

i'm a white person and i could not care less about color (as long as the person isn't filled with hate/evil/etc/etc).

you know what's really interesting? i'm drawn to interracial/multicultural couples/families because i immediately don't have to worry about hearing racism/bigotry/etc. it's just so much easier.

but, i'm also friends with a lot of white or black (etc) families. as long as they're not nuts/racist/evil then it's all good.

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