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Bible translations

teenonfire4him77 said:
haha its not electronic. It just ocassionally within the book has like an explnation or summery of a bible story or important verse.
And like in the back, say you were looking up 'Sin', you would look up the word...and it would have all the FAQ's about sin, and have verses that go with them along with mini-explanations....and before each book is a summery of the book, who wrote it, estimated time it was written, what historical events it surronded etc....
Oh cool...Mine is similar to that. What I like about mine is the finger index that takes you right to whatever book you are looking for. It also has footnotes at the bottom of each page and centerline cross-referencing.
Practically everyone I know has their bible all marked up with highlighters and pen notes. I've had this'n 5 years now and it looks like new cause I just never really see the need for that personally... But I will admit once I threw it across the room cause The Word just didn't seem to be working for me then so I got mad at God and it still bears the scars on the back cover.
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