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Bias in the Media?

I saw the string that was labeled "BIAS IN THE MEDIA", though I find it nice to know that we have begun to point out such things, am I the only one who feels that its as pointless as pointing out maggots on rotting flesh? Media by nature IS bias opinion, and we watch the one that tends to see things through OUR BIAS opinions. No one really wants to (or maybe just is not ready to) hear the plain truth. While one station covers wars and "American Imperialism", another shows shots of cripples and homeless, another will show the great lengths we are going through to restore the restrooms of the Statue of Liberty, and anther will sit there and mock them all. What will never stop amazing me is with all this going on, we are all tuned into Kim kardashian's wedding (which I am surprised isn't in the spell check yet...actually had to look that up!)...as I type this let me tell you what is currently "trending on Yahoo!"

1. Will and Jada (who doesn't care about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
2. Lil Wayne (yeah not even gonna waste time to think of something witty)
3. Winehouse (with a name like Winehouse....just saying)
4. Kris Jenner ((KK mother-in-law or something)
5. Colorado quake (which by the way, was smaller than the one that cleared the pentagon)
6. Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster??? really?)
7. Apple rumors (well we all need to be up on the latest apps I guess)
8. Late mortgage payment (WOOH! late mortgages hits at number 8 after Punky?!)
9. Nick Ashford dies (well that's just sad....70 years old and the guy dies.....who was he again?)
10. Divorce (this is just sad...like actually sad cause this probably [along with late mortgages] is the only thing on the list that might be relevant, but notice the trend isn't how to save your marriage....just a thought)

People are bias and media will continue to cater to those biases, but that's not the real problem, fact is our priorities are jacked up. By the way, if you want to stop bias in the media....just stop watching, think of all the more import things you could write about.
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