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Best political advertisement, EVER

Damn. Zombies have now reached politics. Whelp the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
Yes indeed it is awesome and correct, too. The opponents of Amendment 4 have ads saying vote it down because it can't be estimated how much it will cost. How the heck can you estimate the cost, or savings, of greater public input into land use decision making? Vote it down because of an impossible standard that is only there because a prior amendment says it has to be included on all amendments, every time? When in this case it is nonsensical and inapplicable?

Goes to show just what frickin' idjits the Chambers of Commerce and developers think Floridians are. YES on 4! Have your say mean more.

Regards from Rosie
Now that I've seen the awesomeness that is this ad . . .

. . . can someone explain to me what the feck Amendment 4 is? :lol:
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