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best damn knife I've seen!

Now that is impressive.
from what i have found its a $1000 pocket knife! :-o
Dammit! I want one.

You know that shit's got to be illegal somewhere.

Wich brings me to my pet peeve. You can carry your .45 concealed, but I can't carry my KABAR.
This is not a knife, this is a tool. Or a weapon... and I bet you need a license to carry this around. I wouldn't mind having one but $1000 is a little too much.
yep its illegal in Tx, but just because it's an auto. now if you were LE or Military it would be ok. If I got one it would definately be in the SHTF bag.
I seem to be missing part of the video, you know the part where they cut the tomato into thin slices, and then proceed to fillet the skin off the slices. As for being able to carry a .45 vs. a knife, I would rather have the .45 because I don't have to get out of the car to shoot someone.
True. Very true. Make no mistake, when I want to regulate at high speeds, it's all about the firepower.

I just think it's stupid that I can carry a handgun concealed, but I can't carry a blade.
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