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Belgian senator wants to castrate priests with 2 bricks (1 Viewer)


R.I.P. Léo
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Oct 2, 2006
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Lalibre.be - Jean-Marie Dedecker veut "castrer" Vangheluwe "avec deux briques"

There are also scandals about pedophile priests in Belgium, and there's an inquiry about the bishop Vangheluwe, who appears to have abused his nephew during several years and then paid for his silence, and the church authorities knew about that.

The church said it wanted to handle this problem itself, but a politician said it was not acceptable: according to him, the bishop should be arrested, jailed and castrated. He added "I can handle the castration myself, just give me two bricks" :2razz:
Agree with him fully. Priests should not get any special treatment when they break the law, just because they are priests. They should be treated as the rest of the scum that abuse children.
I would say they should be treated more harshly than someone not claiming to be righteous, at least with the molestache people you know "don't let my kid around them alone"; with a priest you *were* able to assume they would be safe.

It should be child molestation + entrapment or something.

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