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Being Right Isn't Enough. First We Have to Win the Argument.

May 6, 2019

The GOP and the current Administration have an amazing track record to show for their effort and the results are pretty much all good:

As of this past weekend:

--Since January 2017, the economy has added 669,000 construction jobs and an amazing 479,000 manufacturing jobs that some said would never come back. April 2019 marked the 14th consecutive month of unemployment at or below 4% (traditionally considered full employment.)

--Unemployment for women: lowest rate since 1953.

--Unemployment for Hispanics: 4.2%. (It had risen to as much as 13% in the Obama administration.) Unemployment for African Americans at its lowest rate ever.

--Unemployment for high school graduates with no college, for teens, for high school drop outs at record lows.

--Unemployment for veterans 2.3%, a record low. Unemployment for Americans with a disability also at a record low.

And, thanks to all those great construction and manufacturing jobs, as opposed to white collar jobs, the percentage of wage increases for blue collar jobs has been about twice that as for white collar jobs.

Millions no longer need food stamps. Family incomes are rising again instead of declining. The economy is booming without remarkable inflation much more dramatically than it did even during the Reagan years compared to Obama's economic growth that was the worst since the Great Depression.

Trump policies have boosted business and consumer confidence and encouraged people to improve their circumstances as pretty much no President has done in our lifetime or even before that.

So why isn't President Trump soaring in approval ratings and Republicans winning the day everywhere? .

It's simple.

The Democrats are much more effective at message of doom and gloom and disinformation than the Republicans have been at reporting good news. The Democrats and socialists have put out a constant drumbeat of a terrible economy, tax cuts only benefited the rich and some believe Trump actually raised their taxes even though they have much more money in their pockets. All of Trump policies of economic stimulus and eliminating unnecessary regulation are misrepresented as disastrous almost to the point that "we are all going to die!"

With a surrogate media all too willing to promote that disinformation and make the Democrats' promises of free Free FREE stuff look plausible, too many are thoroughly deceived and/or unwilling to give credit to somebody they have been taught to hate. A pattern of focusing on demonization instead of honest policy and results is working for them.

We Republicans, libertarians, independents, et al who are able to see the truth through all of that are not making a convincing enough argument. It isn't enough to be right, to do good. We have to also win the argument. MAGA is not a pejorative. It is a magnificent goal to reach for.

For our own good, for the benefit of Americans, for the benefit of America, we have to do better at winning the argument.
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