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Behind the Iranian curtain


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Jun 15, 2009
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Behind the Iranian curtain

Editor’s note: The following are excerpts from e-mails sent by a European college student with northeast Indiana ties who was able to visit Iran this summer. To protect her Iranian hosts all names have been deleted.

So here is some news from Iran. I already have used Facebook and Youtube here although it is banned. (The family) has a program which makes the filter for sites like Facebook useless. Apparently a lot of the Iranian youth is using Facebook and the government doesn’t have a chance because there’s always a new way. Practically the whole neighborhood is using satellite which means that they can access foreign news channels. Of course the government banned satellites all around the country (especially enforced during and right after the last elections — is anyone surprised?) but again the people don’t really care and find a way to get foreign channels.


I found it realistic and interesting. so I thought I should share it. it's good to have a foreigner's insight of my country's current situation.
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